Kolkata’s first “Home Puja Management Service” that offers your access to religious ceremonies and remedy rituals at your home.
With Events365@Pujas, we hope to bridge the ever widening gap between spirituality and daily living that occurs given the paucity of time we face and the increased pressure of work and life. We believe our vision of having such a service would empower us to stay in touch with our spiritual side with over 7000 pujas being arranged for remedies to normal salutations being readily available at a click of a button.

Our aim with Puja Service is to offer the service of convenience to one and all so that the younger generation too can understand the science behind Indian culture and ritualistic traditions to benefit from them, as their ancestors have done.
The Puja will be managed and organised by renowned priests from the famous temples of Kolkata and we will personally manage your the day to day activities and puja completions personally.
From the proper arrangement of the time to buying the Puja Materials to Performing the Puja, Homam/ Havan, for the betterment of your lives/ homes. We will do it all.


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