Maldives or Mauritius – Which One to Choose For Your Holiday?

So are you thinking about a nice, relaxing, classic, tropical island vacation during the spring
break which isn’t highly expensive, with delicious seafood and beachfront accommodation?
Have you just tied the knot and looking for a cozy and fabulous paradise island holiday
nestled amid turquoise water and palm-fringed beaches? Well, then the Indian Ocean islands
of Mauritius and the Maldives would be just perfect for you! Both places have all the
makings of luxurious beach holidays with privacy and exclusivity. But considering that each
is quite different from the other, are you confused about which one to choose for spending a
quality ‘me-time’? Here are few pointers to help you decide…
For the adventurous soul
If you’re one of those seeking jet-ski, water skiing or windsurf for satiating your adventurous
streak, then Mauritius is definitely the place to be! Almost every hotel or resort in Mauritius
has arrangement for such activities. While non-motorized water sports and snorkeling are
generally free, you need to pay for jet ski, scuba-diving, water ski and parasailing. You can
even engage in sports like tennis, golf and gymming in many resorts.
In the Maldives, since the islands are small and mostly uninhabited, there are limited options
for such activities offered by the resorts. However, scuba-diving and snorkeling in the
Maldives is considered one of the best in the world and it’s an ideal place for island hopping
due to its vast number of deserted islands in the archipelago.

For the romantic traveler
If you’re on a honeymoon or celebrating your anniversary, expect exquisite dinners by the
ocean, lovely accommodation, indulging spas and personalized service in both the Maldives
and Mauritius. Mauritius is unparalleled for its outstanding hospitality from trained staff
while the Maldives can spoil you with its luxurious venues, underwater restaurants and spas,
tree-top pods and villas on water. For the honeymooners and couples looking for some snug
space along with fun-filled activities, Mauritius would be the best! You have a plethora of
activities to choose from undersea walks, semi-submarine rides to sun-bathing.
The Maldives would be more of a laidback trip for the relaxed traveler. You can swim and
snorkel during the day, enjoy a ride on coconut palm timber cruise boat and relish fresh
seafood barbecue. Bird watching is a good option too!
For the beach lover
The Maldives definitely scores on this one with its paradisiacal and pristine islands and
beaches! You can even get to see the rare glowing tides rinsing the shores at night, which is a
mesmerizing sight!
Beaches in Mauritius are all public, commercial and mostly crowded. The north has some
good beaches like Grand Baie including small coves. Hence, the Maldives has the best white
sand beaches with better privacy.

Budget Versus Expensive

Mauritius has great culture and diversity with best value for money in the form of activities
like spa treatments, water sports and catamaran cruises. Food costs are affordable and you
can go for luxury to moderate depending on your budget.
In the Maldives, resorts are pricey but of high standard, so if you’ve a modest budget, the best
would be to go for an all-inclusive package.


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